How To Become A Florist

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The flower business is very demanding today, and you can get a good job or set up your own business if you can become a skilled florist. As a florist, you will need to make floral arrangements for special events like weddings and birthdays. Here is a guideline to become a good florist.

Get education

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You need to complete a high school education to become a florist. Make sure you take courses in biology so that you know about plants and flowers. Taking business and economics classes will help you to learn how to operate a flower business. You can get enrolled in flower workshops or short courses.

Gain experience

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You should try to work as an assistant in a flower shop to gain experience. You can do volunteer work in arranging your friend’s wedding or other occasions. That way, you will know more about floral decoration. Try to prepare a bouquet yourself and give them to your friends or relatives to see how they like the arrangement.

Develop necessary skills

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You need to be creative to become a florist. You should know the artistic techniques of arranging flowers. Whether you will work at a shop or operate your own business, you need to provide good customer service. You should develop this skill by interacting more with the customers and suppliers.

Good communication skill is necessary to understand the clients’ needs and satisfy them with your floral arrangements. When you are hired for an event, you will need to work under pressure. Good time management skill is necessary to complete venue decoration or bouquet preparation within a specified time.

Other than arranging flowers, you need to source flowers and deal with the suppliers. You should know how to take good care of the flowers to increase their life expectancy. Some florists also grow flowers in the shop, and for that, you need gardening skills too.

You should learn from other florists or watch videos of floral arrangements. Instead of copying someone, try to develop your style. You should experiment with different flowers and understand what texture or colour you like most and how you like to arrange them. If you have a signature style, then you will stand out from the other florists.